start your journey towards empowerment and business clarity.

aligned business idea

This workbook will guide you through powerful questions and introspective exercises designed to help you:

✨ Clarify your business purpose.

✨ Identify your ideal client.

✨ Discover what makes you unique and how you can shine.

Stop doubting and start creating from a place of authenticity and power. With practical tools and a holistic approach, this workbook will help you find your perfect blend of energetic and marketing strategies so you can promote and sell with confidence and assurance.

Ready to transform your passion into a successful business aligned with your life purpose?

Download it now and take the first step towards your aligned business!

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Hi! I'm Cynthia González

Life & Business Architect

I am passionate about empowering creative professionals in both their personal and professional lives. My mission is to help you craft a unique marketing mix and thrive in a business tailored to your energy and strategy. Together, we’ll unlock your potential and create a balanced, fulfilling life and successful business.

Let’s meet and transform your world! @ladelnegocio

some clients say

Cynthia was so incredibly helpful in guiding me to more clarity each and every session.
Amy Zygart
1:1 Client
Cynthia is one of those generous people, that when you think there is nothing left, she shows up and continues to deliver knowledge. She is unstoppable!
Josie Goncalves
I recommend Cynthia's trainings to all those who wish to develop their professional and personal processes.
Adriana Toledo

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