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The Voice project

An audio guide to podcasting for creative professionals.

connect in an intimate way with your audience through audio, even if you have a very visual or graphic profession as a creative.

What you'll learn!

SSS Creative Boss 10

Your vision

The first step in designing and launching your podcast is to connect with your creativity to determine what you really want to do.


Choose your seductive name that prime your audience to feel you. You’ll make choices that will help you be consistent and intentional with the content you create.

2022 Styled Stock Society
2022 Styled Stock Society


Whether it’s 1 or 10 episodes, I walk you through the entire production process and every tool you need, it’s much easier than you think!


Let the whole world know about it! Make a launch plan that will produce massive hipe the minute it goes live.

Some client love
Cynthia is one of those generous people, that when you think there is nothing left, she shows up and continues to deliver knowledge. She is unstoppable!
I would highlight the programs and technology that Cynthia offers selflessly and through her experience.
1:1 Coaching Client
I recommend Cynthia's trainings to all those who wish to develop their professional and personal processes.
Adriana Toledo

Boost your business growth with a podcast.

Build a close and strong connection with your audience by nurturing them directly in their ears. Expand your brand awareness without having to create videos or spending long hours on social media. And convert them into loyal clients that come back looking for more.

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